Different Methods of Tree Stump Removal

While felling trees is comparatively a simple procedure, stump removal is a different case. Dissimilar to tree felling, which just encompasses cutting a tree, removing stump would take time and need the set of techniques listed below to complete the process faster and to make it a lot easier. Check out the techniques below:

By hand

Stump removal using bare hands only works on rotting, old, small stumps. What you need in this technique is a vehicle with four-wheel-drive, length of chain, an axe, pick mattock, digging bar, and chainsaw.

If you utilize the inappropriate equipment, your project will only become a mess or become useless in the long run. Keep in mind that even the stump looks like it isn’t alive, its roots are spread an extended distance, making it challenging to make it give. Then, you should trim the exposed roots and the major ones using a chainsaw or an axe. They could be pried if you utilize the digging bar and pick mattock.

By grinding

This is a well-used removal technique. However, stump grinding should never be tried by amateurs. If you don’t need any help, you can always rent the equipment.

By burning

One of the cost-efficient means of removing a stump is to burn it. It is also a common technique used in areas that can’t access to stump grinders. The stump is not simply lit in this technique. Holes are actually made into it and then compacted with potassium nitrate. Then, to dissolve the chemical, water is poured into the holes. Before it is lit, the scrap wood is placed on top.

Burning inside of the stump and burning inside the holes can guarantee that the whole piece will burn well. The remnants of the burnt stump will be cleared and the vegetation needed to develop over the installation of a structure or the area of construction is not required right away.

By chemicals

Similar to burning the stump you want to eliminate, another inexpensive means of removing a stump is through chemical removal. Although, this process takes time to break down the stump.

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