While you might have a glowing and warm fire, your chimney might still feel a little drafty. Though you are using the fireplace to keep yourself warm, the chimney is pulling in cold air from the outside to keep the fire on. However, warm air rises. Thus, most of the heat will go out of the chimney. This will leave you a little cold on the inside.

Luckily, aside from chimney service, there are several things you can do to enhance a drafty chimney. Here are some of them:


One cheap method to lower drafts and improve the energy efficiency of your chimney is firebacks. Aside from protecting the firebox from fire damage, it can also radiate and absorb the heat back into your house. A lot of decorative styles will improve the design of your chimney. In addition to that, there are other choices such as installing grate heaters and top-sealing dampers. These options will improve the heating efficiency of your chimney and lower drafts. These minor investments are a cheap method to make your fireplace and house more energy efficient.

Draft Plug

A fireplace draft plug can be installed by a hearth or chimney professional. For those who don’t know, a draft plug will greatly lower drafts whenever you are not using the fireplace. They are commonly known as a draft guard or draft stopper. Its main goal is to stop the heated air from going out of the chimney. Whenever you want to light the fireplace, you can easily remove the plug.

Glass Fireplace Door

With tempered glass doors, you can improve fireplace safety, save energy, and improve the appearance of your fireplace. A mesh screen isn’t enough if you’ve got an open drafty fireplace. You can protect your family members and pets from fire hazards if you install a glass door. It will help you save energy as well. Whenever the glass doors are closed, fireplaces will utilize less air from the inside during combustion. This will easily improve efficiency.

Check the Damper

One of the most crucial sources of energy loss is the fireplace damper. While you’re burning wood in the fireplace, the damper needs to stay open. However, a lot of homeowners forget to close it once the fire is gone. You can keep your house warmer for a longer period and lower fireplace drafts if you close the damper whenever you aren’t using the fireplace and if the fire is extinguished. In addition to that, you have to regularly check the damper and fix it if it doesn’t provide an airtight seal anymore.

You can also lower fireplace drafts if you close the damper partially whenever you are burning wood logs.

Check Weather-Stripping for Doors and Windows

According to the Department of Energy of the United States, around $34 billion every year is wasted because of air leaks in doors and doors across the house. Sealing windows and doors using weather-stripping can improve your home’s energy efficiency. Aside from that, it can also help lower drafts.